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December 2015

When our manufacturers launch new products, we want you to know about them. Once a month, we will highlight a few, along with any other company updates. "I.D.E.A.S." is a good way to describe what our agency offers. Here's this month's featured list.

A simple solution for mainstream applications, "Mainstream Dynamic" brings Warm Dimming, Tunable White, and Architainment Color to everyday spaces. This technology offers precise control of colors to achieve the desired effect and mood.




The Patera is a sculptural chandelier, carefully handmade of white synthetic material. The sphere is made up of small diamond-shaped cells that capture the light, while shielding the source. It's light and airy, and seems to glow. Most of the light is directed downward, with a small amount sent upwards to illuminate the ceiling. 




Serving as a brand new beautiful complement to the Kju Square, Kju Circle is a comfortable and inviting circular fixture with soft Direct or Indirect lighting. It can be surface mount, recessed, or pendant mounted. Both Square and Circle can be arranged together in various schemes and patterns or individually to create their own architectural style.




This popular family from Intense Lighting has now expanded to include "Slope", "Wall Wash", and "Remodel". All members of Gravity have a common LED engine with multiple controls options. Slope was designed specifically for sloped ceilings with complete adjustability. Wall Wash offers both horizontal and vertical illumination from the floor to the ceiling. Remodel is a great option for existing applications to get a better quality, and an even lighting distribution.




These aren't filters, they are true red LEDs, resulting in a reliable, accurate, and less expensive option for vivariums and other research areas. Studies have shown that plants and animals respond well to red light, as it provides diurnal illumination that won't disturb sleep patterns. When normal lighting is desired, these fixtures all have controllability to switch from red, back to white light.