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February 2017

When our manufacturers launch new products, we want you to know about them. Once a month we will highlight a few, along with any other company updates. "I.D.E.A.S." is a great way to describe what our agency offers. Take a look at this month's featured list.

Here's a great partnership... USAI knows downlights and Armstrong Ceiling Solutions knows ceilings. The two joined forces to create "Connect", a downlighting kit that places light right at the intersection of the ceiling grid. Watch USAI's newest video to see how it works.


The Loop family from OCL has expanded to include another size. These pendants have been a popular choice for years, but in some cases we would hear the former options were sometimes either too large or too small for an application. Now the 36" has been added to close the gap. It has the same tapered acrylic drum diffuser offering seamless, beautiful light.


The 4" cylinder is a nice addition to Meteor's cylinder series. An added feature is its Glowing Ring that offers a soft glow, delivering a decorative effect. A standard version without the ring is also available. Its prismatic lens helps with glare, and has several beam spread options. Thermal efficiency is also much improved with this product. Click the link to see a video.


Heilux is a lighting company that has been working with lighting forms since 2001. They developed LumaFilm, which is a unique lighting sheet with a flexible circuit board. It can be wrapped, bent, twisted, and cut in the field offering limitless possibilities. LumaFilm's LEDs are low powered, minimizing thermal challenges. They are also optimally spaced, providing even illumination. This product is UL listed for both interior and exterior applications.