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February 2015

Our manufacturers launch new products often. Once a month we will highlight a few and include any updates that we would like you to see. "I.D.E.A.S." is a good way to describe what our agency offers. Here's this month's featured list.

Our lighting and controls specialist, Tony Chea put together this demo to show Acuity Brand's eldoLED driver up against another leading brand's driver. The brand on the left can only dim to 1% before complete darkness. eldoLED, on the right, dims all the way down to 0.1%. Watch the video and see for yourself just how low Acuity's eldoLED can dim.


One leading brand's driver vs. eldoLED driver by Acuity Brands


The BSS110 is bigger and better than the previous version. It boasts 38% efficacy over the first generation. This linear LED cove fixture comes in three lengths, three wattage options, and four color temperatures. Its frosted, acrylic lens has a diffuser that offers an even and smooth light distribution. Another nice feature is the housing which is adjustable to accommodate nine different angles all achieved without tools in the field.


Intense has several products that are now Energy Star certified. The Energy Star program is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program that promotes products that are energy efficient. Did you know that Energy Star certification requires third-party testing in an EPA lab, plus off-the-shelf product verification each year? So good job, Intense for having several of your products meet the guidelines for Energy Star certification.



Some spaces are less aesthetically pleasing than others. In addition, some may have little supervision and require low maintenance. Stairwells, parking garages, restrooms, and locker rooms are good examples. For areas such as these, high abuse lighting with a strong performance is a great option. Kenall specializes in this type of lighting and now has LED versions of Stretch, Nova, and Sheriff.  All three linear families are durable and tough with polycarbonate lenses. They also have options for occupancy sensors and are compatible with other controls features.   



The motto here is, "It's ok to stare." PGX has two stages of prismatic glass lenses that help deliver optimal visual comfort with no discoloration for the life of the fixture. PGX was designed specifically for parking garages. It has a long life expectancy of over 100,000 hours. It also has a powerful backup battery system in case of an emergency. Not only is this LED great for new installations, but it's also an ideal replacement for HID in retrofit projects. The energy savings are tremendous and increase even more when motion/daylight sensors or other controls are added.