(Innovation, Design, Education, and Support)

July 2017

When our manufacturers launch new products, we want you to know about them. Once a month we will highlight a few, along with any other company updates. "I.D.E.A.S." is a great way to describe what our agency offers. Take a look at this month's featured list.


This 100% digital key switch was recently released from Acuity Brands. It requires a specific key in order to operate, preventing unauthorized access into the panel. This is a great solution for schools, gyms, public spaces, and high security areas. The switch can be programmed to control any nLight enabled product. If purchased as a momentary switch (other than on / off), it can also be used for dimming. The switch is available in a range of colors.


Yox is a linear LED system from Bartco that gives designers the ability to create a variety of configurations and geometric shapes. Rectangles, hexagons, and unique free forms can be achieved by joining these multi-directional light segments together. The housing is extruded aluminum with a frosted acrylic lens. Yox can be surface mounted or suspended.


With a less is more feel, Obscura is an open, airy, minimalistic fixture just released from
Focal Point. Its form is distinctive and streamlined with 2 thin blades of light providing soft, yet powerful light. Obscura's light source is hidden, offering a nice glow. It also hosts Focal Point's 'Power Up' system, in which power is delivered through the suspension cables, eliminating the need for additional power cords. Watch this video to see more of Obscura.


Allow us to introduce our industry friends at Ceneroan audio visual, unified communications, and IT solutions provider. They implement system design installations, cloud-based video support, and other managed services. They have extensive knowledge in advanced collaboration and technology. Cenero's goal is to enhance communication and improve efficiency for organizations throughout North America.