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November 2015

Our manufacturers launch new products often. Once a month, we will highlight a few and also include any other updates we would like you to see. "I.D.E.A.S." is a good way to describe what our agency offers. Here's this month's featured list. 

Raleigh, NC has begun an energy efficiency plan to replace the town's streetlights with LED lighting. Partner on the project, Duke Energy, selected American Electric (an Acuity Brands division) as the top choice of manufacturers to provide the lighting. Although several companies competed for the job, even some in the Triangle area, American Electric won out with large stock inventory, simple installation products, and top warranties. Congratulations to American Electric and Acuity Brands for securing such a huge project!





These new LED bollards from BEGA have a minimalist style with a completely shielded light source. The soft gradient source is hidden beneath an extruded post, offering a visually comfortable fixture. These shielded bollards have a low mounting height, making them a great lighting solution for pathways, landscapes, and other exterior open spaces. 




This tubular LED is 1 of several recently introduced or re-launched Bartco products. It is a suspended linear fixture that can be combined with several others to create various configurations and continuous runs. The LED diodes are tightly spaced within the housing to produce seemless illumination, while the frosted lens offers diffused light. This can be a great option for simple, general applications, but also nice for projects with a twist. 




The Duo is a double aluminum upright pole from Structura. It has a fixture arm for pedestrian or roadway lighting. Its center can be metal or wood for a nice accent. Multiple styles can be achieved with a variety of mounting heights and finish selections. Structura's products can be combined with other manufacturers' products too. For example, the Duos in the example below are at "The Pike" in Long Beach, CA. The accompanying fixture is the Selux Avanza.




Here's one that our contractor friends can really appreciate... The DMW2 is a low profile, easy to install fixture with a 2-piece, snap-together design. It requires no tools to assemble and is lightweight. It's also listed wet location with a vapor tight enclosing. This LED fixture could serve any of the following applications very well: transit stations, parking garages, loading docks, stairwells, food-processing centers, and much more. Add controls options for even higher energy savings.