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October 2015

Our manufacturers launch new products often. Once a month, we will highlight a few and also include any other updates we would like you to see. "I.D.E.A.S." is a good way to describe what our agency offers. Here's this month's featured list. 

This family of lens-free luminaires is the 2014 "Most Innovative Product of the Year" at LightFair's Innovation Awards. The housing is literally "open" with an elimination of the lens, erasing any seems created when continuous runs are desired. These fixtures can be suspended, recessed, or surface mount. The complete family offers multiple dimming, distribution, and output options.




Focal Point's most popular family, "Seem" has expanded to include Direct / Indirect. The lighting above and below can be specified to achieve an optimal distribution. This fixture also has several other additions including new lensing, as well as an accessory making creating patterns and continuous runs much simpler. Watch this video to see more.




This fixture provides general illumination, and has a 3-sided frosted lens that produces wide and diffused light. It has thick aluminum end caps giving it a finished look. The shape is rectilinear and can be surface mount or cable suspended. For the suspended option, a field adjustable cable hanger can be affixed nearly anywhere along the fixture's length.



Here's a new LED family of luminaires with a tubular shape, plus long diffusers making the fixture appear to glow. Tube LX was designed to make a statement and is great for large spaces. There are 2 shell sizes and 4 tube lengths in which to choose. The fixtures can be surface mounts, pendants, or wall sconces. The pendant and the wall sconce have the feature of up / down distribution. The whole family's diameter, height, and finish can be matched to the also popular, CORE and QUBE product families.  




The new MX downlight series consists of 3 product types - downlight, adjustable, and wall wash. The small aperture of 3.5 inches, gives this downlight superior beam control. The adjustable option gives added flexibility with vertical and horizontal rotation ability. The wall wash delivers exceptional and uniform vertical illumination. All 3 are available in round or square, trim or trimless.