~ April 14, 2022 ~
Principles for Responsible Management Education
The world needs new, more sustainable ways of doing business. How can management education respond? This open access book details goals, global examples and strategies and is available to read online or download free. (also see Building a Better World: The Role of Business Schools and Who's Behind the School of Management's Viral Corporations in Russia List?)
CNET: Bree Fowler
Are we all walking around with open kimonos? (also see How Big Tech Is Quietly Pushing for Watered-Down State Privacy Laws)
The Hill: Judy Samuelson
"The costs of the status quo are abundantly clear.” How is shareholder primacy intertwined with inequality and climate change? (also see The Capitalist and the Activist and Businesses Need to be Social and Political Actors)
Stanford Social Innovation Review: Trish Bendix
What made this nonprofit technology platform attractive to funders? "It’s just a win-win." (also see The Supermarket That Seeks No Profits)
Nautilus: Klaus Schwab, Thierry Malleret 
"What future do we face? What future do we want? What must we do to get there?" And how do we persuade others to share our vision? (also see Should ESG-Driven Investors and Stakeholders Divest or Engage?)
OneZero: Jacqueline Dooley
Is it time to become less consumer and more human? (also see Life Advice from NYC Chess Hustlers)
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