~ April 28, 2022 ~
Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative: Helios Digital Learning
"Until now, the stakes haven't included potential jail time." This e-case introduces students to trader Jay Nolan and the cognitive biases that led him down a slippery slope. Free access includes a Teaching Note, documentary video and online learning module. (also see The Stock Market's Future Ain't What It Used to Be)
The New York Times: James B. Stewart
Twitter isn't a tool-and-die manufacturer. Should the board have evaluated the decision to sell like it is? (also see What B-School Profs Think of Elon Musk's Takeover of Twitter and The Social Media Platform Designed to Stop You 'Scrolling Through Bile')
Wealthsimple Magazine: J.R. Sullivan
CNN Politics: Ella Nilsen
"The sound of money": Does the "why" behind climate-positive action matter? (for another approach see The Key to Winning the Climate Debate Isn't Economics: It's Health, and play The Climate Game -- Can You Reach Net Zero?)
Vox: Vox Staff
This special issue asks policy experts and workers: What would make work better? (also see How America Gave Up on Overtime for Workers and How to Make 'Work of the Future' Work for Everyone)
The Hustle: Zachary Crockett
How did one business traveler's late-night mystery help save lives around the world?
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