~ August 5, 2021 ~
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The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program: Witold Henisz
What skills do students need to become leaders capable of connecting issues like climate change, human rights, and long-term corporate value with corporate and other interests? Wharton’s Witold Henisz discusses this and much more in our interview on his award-winning class, Corporate Diplomacy: Aligning Stakeholder Analytics & Strategy.
"Digital distractions such as social media and smartphones wreak havoc on our attention spans. Could they also be making us less ethical?”
It’s a question at the heart of many economic, environmental, health, and safety regulations: "At what point should personal freedom yield to the common good?” (also see The Truth Behind Corporate Climate Pledges)
Isolated, but not alone: Can an army of Davids bring down a Goliath?
Issues in Science and Technology: Zora Kovacic, Lorenzo Benini, Ana Jesus, Roger Strand, Silvio Funtowicz
"Many of the most valuable experiences in life cannot be monetized or measured.” Where do new ideas of economic growth meet actionable knowledge?
HBS Working Knowledge: Francesca Gino
Less walking the plank and more rights, responsibilities, and democratic decision-making: Is it time for modern leaders to think more like pirates?
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