December 14, 2023

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The Top 23 Leadership Books of 2023

Next Big Idea Club

Interested in becoming “a wiser, more empathetic, more effective leader”? Curated by Malcolm Gladwell, Susan Cain, Daniel Pink, and Adam Grant, this list of recommended reads is a good place to start. (for more suggestions, see Great Books, Courses, and Music for the Holidays and Curl Up With a Climate Book This Holiday Season)


Landmark Deal Agreed to ‘Transition Away’ From Fossil Fuels

The Guardian: Adam Morton, Patrick Greenfield, Fiona Harvey, Nina Lakhani

COP28 takeways: Was this year’s summit more than business as usual? (also see Why Making Oil Is More Profitable Than Saving the Planet and A Countdown to Climate Action)


Woman Sentenced to Working at a Fast Food Restaurant After Chipotle Assault

Food & Wine: Karla Walsh

Does the punishment fit the crime? (and in unsurprising news, Panera Founder: Workers Not Motivated by Shareholders)


The Year Twitter Died: A Special Series

The Verge

Love it or hate it, Twitter will be an object lesson in organizational change and the pitfalls of leadership. After a complicated year, what have we learned?


Society ‘Disappears’ Ageing Women.

The Guardian: Deborah Wood

When can a “cloak of invisibility” work for you? (also see Wrinkled Radicals)


What’s the Point of Giving Gifts?

The Conversation: Chip Colwell

Why do we “give things away even when keeping them for ourselves would seem to make much more economic and evolutionary sense”? An anthropologist explains.

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