~ December 2, 2021 ~
As the world absorbs what happened (and didn’t) at COP26, we use this edition of Ideas Worth Teaching to highlight the issue of climate justice. It was developed as part of the Global Inclusive Growth Partnership, a collaboration between the Aspen Institute and the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth.
The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program: Marjolein Lips-Wiersma, Peter McGhee, Amber Nicholson, Peter Skilling
"Business can be a powerful force for good in this world, and business leaders can help bring about positive change; they do not have to repeat the flawed thinking of previous generations." Can alternative ways of thinking about sustainability bring new forms of success to both business and society? The authors of the Ideas Worth Teaching Award-winning Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability reflect on how the course merges Indigenous and Western perspectives to better prepare students for a changing future.
The Conversation: Sonja Klinsky
"How should the global community support people losing their homelands and ways of life?" (also see Justice at the Heart of Climate Activism)
I by IMD: Karl Schmedders
A "just transition must and can be achieved": How can energy transition policies navigate the complex relationships between environment and society while remaining effective? (also see What Happens When America’s Coal Plants Die?)
In the "Wild West of emerging carbon markets,” can Indigenous groups balance potential economic benefits with community concerns? (also see Putting Social and Environmental Justice at the Core of Conservation, Climate and Development)
The Tyee: Peter Fairley
What tools, constituencies and strategies help local action gain traction on global issues? (also see Awakenings: The Collaborations That Create Change)
Employers, unions, universities and more: Is leveraging existing networks one key to change? (also see Can Younger Generations Spur Corporations to Divest From Fossil Fuels?)
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