December 21, 2023

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The Years Most Popular

As 2023 draws to a close, we take this opportunity to showcase some of the year’s most popular articles. We hope you have a very happy holiday season, and we’ll be back in January!


The Most Influential Business Professors of 2023

Poets&Quants: Jeff Schmitt

Who is on the list, why, and what do the results suggest about the future of management education?


The Big Change Coming to Business School Research & Teaching

Poets&Quants: Andrew Hoffman

Why does this professor argue that it’s time to transform business education?


How One Elite University Is Approaching ChatGPT This School Year

MIT Technology Review: Tate Ryan-Mosley

“Generative AI is new, but asking students to learn what machines can do is not.” What do we really want to teach our students?


The CEO’s ESG Dilemma

Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance: Peter Gassmann, Will Jackson-Moore

How can companies “perform well for investors and pursue a clear ESG strategy at the same time?” This article argues for the power of narrative, values, and networks. (also see How Leading Companies Are Tying Executive Pay to Sustainability)


Jack Welch and the End of Stakeholder Capitalism

Substack: Robert Reich

Jack Welch triggered a chain reaction heralded by business, but one which leaves us asking: “Are we better off now?”


What Can We Learn from Barnes & Noble’s Surprising Turnaround?

The Honest Broker: Ted Gioia

“Digital platforms are struggling, meanwhile a 136-year-old book retailer is growing again. But why?” (also see How a Single Person Changes a Culture)


What Do You Want?

Calvin Rosser

And how can each of us address what this author deems “the central task of adulthood”?


The Rise & Fall of a Harvard Business School Superstar

Poets&Quants: Kristy Bleizeffer

How did this professor go from HBS star to cautionary tale?


Green to the Core? Top Business Schools Are Drilling Sustainability Into Their Core Curricula

Corporate Knights: Naomi Buck

How is management education reorienting to shape a new kind of leader?


The Puzzle of Capitalism

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business: Robert H. Gertner

“We’re asking students to read, to think hard, to understand the historical and intellectual contexts for the set of debates around free markets and socialism, and the application—what’s the role of business in society, how did it evolve to what it is, and what should it be?” (also see The Bud Light Boycott Shows Brands Are at a Crossroads on Using Their Voice)

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