December 7, 2023

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9 Ways Companies Can Help Employees De-Stress During the Holidays

Forbes: Bryan Robinson

The holidays can be a lot. How can employers help? (also see How to Be the Person Everyone Wants to Talk to at the Holiday Party)


Is Nuclear Energy Too Expensive?

Democracy Journal: Bill Budinger, Paul Bauman

How do calculations change when we “evaluate the various clean-energy technologies from a system perspective”? (also see Europe’s Energy Crisis Is Over)


Red Lobster’s Endless Shrimp Deal Was Too Popular, Company Says

CNN Business: Ramishah Maruf

Marketers, how do you know when a promotion is good, and when it is too good? (also see 15 Important Questions to Ask Before Executing a Marketing Stunt)


‘FYI Pickleball DRAMA’

404 Media: Jason Koebler

Struggling with the surge: How does the current battle over this new sport reflect deeper issues around divided communities, potential economic harms, and limited government resources?


Native Americans Are Building Their Own Solar Farms

BBC: Lucy Sherriff

What changed when one activist shifted from protest to progressive action? (also see This Minnesota Tribe Is Creating Its Own Hempcrete to Build Housing)


Beyond Generational Differences: The New Workforce


Wharton’s Mauro Guillén: “It’s costing society a ton of money because those people have talent and there should be a place for them in the workforce.” How can managers avoid “the lens of generational stereotypes”?

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