~ February 10, 2022 ~
Harvard Business Publishing Education: Leon C. Prieto, Simone T.A. Phipps
What can the experiences of "management from Africa, as well as from China, India, and other regions" contribute to current models of business education? And who benefits when they do?
Has the rule failed, or the institutions charged with enforcing it? And what does the answer say about what should come next? (also see Can the Rooney Rule Survive? Should It?)
AP News: Tom Krisher, Lindsey Bahr
No Mercy / No Malice: Scott Galloway
From values to goals to actions, how do you assemble your "cocktail of prosperity"?
So "how can an organization claim to be going net-zero and still leave the majority of its emissions untouched?" (also see Why Every Job Is a Climate Job)
Bath Business and Society
How can business scholars bridge the gap between academia and the world it studies? (also see What Is Harvard Business School's Secret Sauce?)
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