~ February 17, 2022 ~
Stanford Graduate School of Business: Sarah Soule
How can mission-driven entrepreneurs design organizations that generate both social and financial value? This framework helps guide students through a series of exercises and examples that encourage deep thinking about business models and the value flows necessary to produce positive impact.
Is this settlement an exception or a roadmap for other victims?
Run for cover or hope for the best: How would you handle this situation if your organization were at stake? (also see Running a Business Under the Shadow of War)
Is this crazy, or do algorithms know something we don't?
Crain's Chicago Business: Robert H. Gertner, James Carmichael
How can "the complex web that constitutes our society's ambiguous, shifting middle ground... interrelate to everyone's benefit"? (also see Shareholders Reign Supreme Despite CEO Promises to Society and Restoring Trust in Business Requires New Leadership Priorities)
Poets&Quants: Riley Webster
"We’re not actually advancing ideas that will make an impact. And if we’re not publishing work that managers care about -- and that addresses big issues in society -- then what are we doing?" (also see MBA Professors Under Pressure To Show Business Relevance and As Corporate Leaders Pledge To Embrace Purpose Beyond Profit, Are Business Schools Keeping Up?)

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