~ February 3, 2022 ~
The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program: James Hoopes
What we can learn from the development of capitalism and the competing philosophies and values that continue to shape it? Babson College professor and Ideas Worth Teaching Award-winner James Hoopes discusses his course The History and Ethics of Capitalism, and why students benefit from looking backward as well as forward.
How are entrepreneurs working "to address the racial wealth gap and build more equitable access to financial services"?
Yahoo Finance: Kristy Bleizeffer
What should business do to support democracy? These MBAs have opinions.
ProPublica: Alec MacGillis
For centuries coal has been "as necessary to the daylight world above as the root is to the flower." How do we transplant this industry without killing it, and ourselves? (also see The Digital Revolution Can’t Be Confined to Silicon Valley)
Reasons to be Cheerful: Patrick Sisson
Can fashion's exploitative business model be made over into something better? (also see The Myth of Sustainable Fashion)
Harvard Business Review: Concepción Galdón, Knut Haanaes, Daniel Halbheer, Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Katell Le Goulven, Mike Rosenberg, Peter Tufano, Amelia Whitelaw
"If business needs to take a lead on climate, then so must we — even if it is uncomfortable at times." How can the business school sector contribute to the fight against climate change? (also see No, Mr. Shkreli, Price-Gouging Customers Is Not Taught in MBA Class)
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