~ January 27, 2022 ~
TED Talk: Nili Gilbert
"We need to decarbonize the old economy that we have and invest to create the new economy that we need." What does this investment expert's long-term, science-based perspective tell us about how to make that happen? Also see
The Guardian: Keza MacDonald
"The virtual worlds of games and the early internet used to be an escape from the inequalities and injustices of the real one." What will the metaverse look like and who gets to decide? (also see Meta-what? A Primer for Executives)
NPR: Joe Hernandez
High-profile founder aside, what does this business model suggest about more equitable but still profitable approaches to pricing?
BuzzFeed: Emily Baker-White
Privacy vs. commodification: Where do we draw the line? (also see America Needs a National Consumer Privacy Law)
Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance: Aneil Kovvali, Leo E. Strine, Jr.
It may have looked good on paper but... Why has the theoretical win-win of stock-focused corporate governance left workers and other stakeholders on the losing end?
Poets&Quants: Jeff Schmitt
What comes next for management education? (also see How Much Does the Average American Make? U Penn Students Say 6 Figures)
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