~ July 14, 2022 ~
The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
“What do the Uber Files reveal and why does the investigation matter?” And how can you avoid being part of a problem like this one? (also see What Are the Uber Files? and Uber’s Vision of the Future, Built with the Strong-Arm Tactics of Old-Time Robber Barons)
TED Talk: Ayana Elizabeth Johnson
“What can you bring to the table? ... What is the work that needs doing? ... What brings you joy or satisfaction?” (also see Storytellers for Sustainability Needed)
The Guardian: Dan Milmo
Stanford Social Innovation Review: Rebecca Shamash
How can rethinking approaches to business education help build better societies, and organizations? (also see Absurd Trolley Problems)
Inside Climate News: Angela K. Evans
“If you recognize that there are solutions out there and you focus on what you want the outcomes to be, and then worry about the ways to get there, then there are ways to do this.” Is the future of power under our feet? (also see Solarjunk)
The Hustle: Zachary Crockett
“Will the real smiley inventor please stand up?” (also see Florida Man Gives Away Money to Strangers at Waffle House)
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