~ July 21, 2022 ~
Stanford Social Innovation Review: Gregory C. Unruh, Fernanda Arreola
How did this mission-driven business maintain its commitment to purpose despite the pressures of the pandemic?
As heat waves burn across the globe, can we adapt without undermining our future? (also see Postcards From a 40C Future and In a Twist, Old Coal Plants Help Deliver Renewable Power. Here’s How.)
Freakonomics: Steven Levitt, Susan Athey
What can this award-winning economist teach about finding new and creative ways to address problems across the spectrum? (think you're too small to have an impact? see Ukrainian Checkers Champion, 10, Wins Hearts and Money for Ukrainian Army)
Poets&Quants: Marc Ethier
Why, and what does this shift mean for business schools? (also see An Obituary For The Economist's MBA Ranking)
Institute for New Economic Thinking: Rob Johnson, Alan Murray
How can companies position themselves to solve the challenges affecting their business while supporting employees and their communities along the way? (also see This Pioneering Economist Says Our Obsession With Growth Must End)
Can two retail rookies help reimagine the community grocery store?
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