~ July 28, 2022 ~
Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
“A carbon tax could help reduce the effects of climate change by incentivizing a shift toward low-carbon energy and transportation, promoting the development of cleaner technology, and raising revenue that could be used in part to fund new climate investments.” Can you make this model work? (also see Concrete Ideas and How Do We Price an Unknowable Risk?)
strategy+business: Daniel Akst
What does popular culture teach us about preparing for difficult times, “and remind us how not to manage, no matter what the circumstances”? (for more on positive leadership, see Portrait of Bravery: Ukraine’s First Lady)
Is this healthcare’s next big thing? What does it mean for the industry, and society, if the answer is yes? (also see Why Can't Smart Cars Fix the Sun in Your Eyes?)
The Guardian: Mario Alejandro Ariza, Miranda Green, Annie Martin
A consulting firm helped power companies defeat renewable energy by interfering with elections, spying on reporters, buying a news site and more. How deep did the Matrix go?
Reasons to be Cheerful: Stephanie Hanes
“The industry needed another way to make money, she realized — one that would be ecologically helpful instead of harmful.” How can the needs of the future grow from the industries of the past? (also see Scientists Accidentally Discover ‘Scallop Discos’ as an Eco-Friendly Fishing Method)
How can all three of these statements be true?
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