~ June 23, 2022 ~
VoxEU: Luis Garicano, Dominic Rohner, Beatrice Weder di Mauro & More
How can economics help understand, and address, the layered consequences of the war in Ukraine? This collection lays out a wide range of issues and impacts. (also see Zelensky Offers CEOs Sobering Overview of War's Impacts and How Ukraine Wants to Make Russia Pay for War's Environmental Damage)
Electronic Frontier Foundation: Cory Doctorow
But is that the end of the story? Not even close.
Galaxy Brain: Charlie Warzel
With a "tweet first, manage later" model, what could possibly go wrong? (also see Microsoft's Union Truce Could Reshape Tech's Long War With Labor and Sheryl Sandberg and the Crackling Hellfire of Corporate America)
The ship belonged to Spain, sank off Columbia, carried Indigenous gold and was discovered by an American salvage company. Who owns it?
Outside: Heather Hansman
How can we thrive despite, well, everything? (also see Inside the Fight to Force Makers of Plastic Trash to Clean Up Their Mess)
Eater: Taylor Kate Brown
How is this team's innovative vision building a conversation, and menu, around food waste? (also see Sapporo Breweries' New Hit -- Bluejeans and New Hampshire Distillery Turns Invasive Crabs Into Whiskey)
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