~ March 17, 2022 ~
HBS Working Knowledge: Colleen Ammerman, Boris Groysberg
When it comes to case writing, how do gender and other perspectives help set the stage for more transformative business education? (also see In Life, as in Wordle, Success Often Depends on Where You Start)
Poets&Quants: Marc Ethier
What will it cost to rebuild Ukraine? In addition to practicing what he preaches, this business school president is drawing up a bill.
The Verge: Charles Pulliam-Moore
How are the consequences of corporate political action changing, and what lessons should leaders take from Disney's experience?
Ivey Business Journal: Thomas Watson
In an era with many poor examples at the top, how is Ukraine's Zelenskyy redefining what it means to lead? (also see In Light of Russia Sanctions, Consider Your Conditions for Doing Business in Other Countries and The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: A Lesson in Stakeholder Capitalism?)
Issues in Science and Technology: Jennifer Helgeson, Jia Li
Once a bit dull, now critical: How can we improve resilience planning to better prepare for complex events? (also see People Deserve to Know Their Houses Are Going to Burn)
CNN: Janet Yellen, Rosalind Brewer, Thasunda Brown Duckett, Carol B. Tomé, Elizabeth Warren, Abigail Disney
"The gender pay gap stubbornly persists. What needs to be done in order to close it?" (also see It's Equal Pay Day, and This Twitter Bot Is Calling Out Companies That Pay Men More Than Women)
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