~ March 3, 2022 ~
The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program: Emily Cox Pahnke
"I hope my students don't wait until they feel they have the resources and time to begin tackling problems they care about--because circumstances will never be ideal." In this interview about her Ideas Worth Teaching Award-winning course, Grand Challenges for Entrepreneurs, the University of Washington's Emily Cox Pahnke discusses what it takes to teach future business leaders to take on the seemingly impossible.
"Beyond more diversity at the top, what else happens at companies when there is more gender parity in the boardroom?"
WIRED: Jennifer Conrad, Will Knight
Algorithms wield enormous power and influence. Who will police them, and how?
How does the landscape change when business has to make its own rules?
Yale Center for Business and the Environment: Todd Cort, Katie Gilbert, Stuart DeCew, Elizabeth Wilkinson, Matthew H. Goldberg, Heather Fitzgerald
What do business students expect on sustainability, from their schools and their future employers? (also see How Climate Change Is Re-Shaping the Way Gen Z Works)
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