~ March 31, 2022 ~
Amsterdam University Press: Sam de Muijnck, Joris Tieleman
How can economics better understand "all aspects of the most important thing humans do together, namely, co-operate, in order to deliver flourishing lives to as many people as possible"? This free textbook presents a new approach to economics education.
Just Security: Gabe Lezra
How does "who owns what" impact more than just buyers and sellers? (also see The Crisis in Ukraine Offers a Chance To Clean Up Dirty Money and Excuses, Excuses? Why Some Companies Won't Stop Trading in Russia)
Forbes: Jeroen Kraaijenbrink
"Can capitalism ever be sustainable? And if so, how?" (also see What Do the New SEC Rules Mean for Action on Climate Change?)
Medium: Roger Martin
Life is too short to be owned by models that don't work. Why do decision-makers double-down when they should reassess? (also see The Impact of Shareholder Primacy: What it Means to put the Stock Price First)
So, that happened. What would you do?
Poets&Quants: Kristy Bleizeffer
Why is female representation in business schools, boardrooms and C-suites important, and how can we make it a reality? (also see The Best Business Schools in the USA)
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