November 17, 2022
“What if the severity of climate change has been underestimated, and many of its harms are hard or impossible to adapt to? And what if the rate of potential technological progress is faster and the cost of alternative technologies cheaper than projected?” And can two wrongs make it right? Also see

“Following the sport is an education in oligarchs, oil, corruption, media, partisanship, politics, and the financialization of everything. You don’t even have to like soccer to learn from it—because in a lot of ways, the story of the sport’s last two decades hasn’t been about soccer at all.” How does soccer’s recent history help unpack broader societal issues? (also see A Beginner’s Guide to Everything Wrong with the Qatar World Cup)
What does the past week say about this company and its management, and the direction of the industry as a whole? (also see How the Crypto Fallout Could Affect You)
Well, that was a disaster. As a corporate exec, how would you navigate this situation? (also see List of Companies Pausing Twitter Ads)
“But listen in on any industry discussion about generative AI, and you’ll hear, in the background, a question whispered by advocates and critics alike in increasingly concerned tones: is any of this actually legal?”
AACSB: Giselle Weybrecht
Business schools, what can art do for you? (also see What Generation Z Wants From a Business Masters)
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