November 23, 2023

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2023’s Top Thinkers in Management and Business


Who made this year’s list of top management and business thinkers? And compared to a decade ago, what’s changed?


Sam Altman Returns as OpenAI CEO After Infighting at AI Startup

NBC: Jason Abbruzzese, David Ingram

How did OpenAI’s board turn questions about the organization’s direction into a front-page disaster? (also see Why OpenAI Blew Up — and Why It Matters and The Messy Human Drama Behind OpenAI)


Deep-Red, Oil-Loving Texas Is Also America's Green Energy Leader

Business Insider: Catherine Boudreau

Is the “long arc of history” bending towards green?


What if Money Expired?

Noema: Jacob Baynham

Mind-expanding thought experiment: Is “an expiring currency any more absurd than the status quo we inherited?” (for another economic thought experiment, see Good Working Lives for the 21st Century: A Shared Exercise in Imagination)


Unions Are on a Roll

Patriotic Millionaires: Emily McCloskey

What has this year of labor action achieved? (also see Tesla May Have Picked an Unwinnable Fight With Sweden’s Powerful Unions)


Many Say Black Friday Is Overhyped, but They Still Shop the Sales

NPR: Alina Selyukh

Black Friday is dead. Long live Black Friday?

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