November 24, 2022
BridgeUSA: Jessica Carpenter
Wondering how to connect despite political and other differences? This guide can help. (also see America Is Pursuing Happiness in All the Wrong Places and Some Thanksgiving Trivia to Make Your Meal Less Awkward)
What does Disney hope to achieve?
“Classes will shrink, year after year, for most of the next two decades. People in the higher education industry call it ‘the enrollment cliff.’” How will these demographic trends ripple through higher education, and society?
The Indicator from Planet Money: Wailin Wong, Adrian Ma
“What can a novel teach us about the role of central banks in addressing the climate crisis?” (listen or read)
Corporate Knights: Jennifer Lewington
Which schools are building the best MBA programs around sustainability? (also see Roger Martin: ‘Business Schools Are a Very Big Part of the Current Problem’ and Very Important and Hard to Teach)
The Hustle: Olivia Deng
“How many people does it take to convince the federal government to turn up the heat on an accused monopoly?”
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