November 3, 2022
The New Yorker: Malcolm Gladwell
As management ideals shift, how should we evaluate former heroes in order to better shape future leaders?
Capital & Main: Jake Meth
Corporate balancing acts: “Who would’ve thought running a major U.S. corporation required circus training?”
“How do you nudge, cajole, encourage, or force millions of people to make choices that will help adapt to or mitigate climate change?” (also see Beyond Catastrophe: A New Climate Reality Is Coming Into View)
What is “brand safety” and what do users risk in Twitter’s new era? (also Who’s Winning, and Losing, in Elon Musk’s Ownership of Twitter)
Why would a company develop innovative new technology just to give it away?
Poets&Quants: Marc Ethier
From climate to fintech, happiness and more, how are new business classes prepping students both to handle change and to (ethically) capitalize on that change?
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