November 30, 2023

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What You Need to Know About the COP28 Climate Change Meeting

NPR: Michael Copley, Julia Simon, Nathan Rott, Lauren Sommer, Rebecca Hersher

“Why is this meeting happening and what is it supposed to achieve?” Also see

5 Key Climate Change Phrases, Defined

COP28: Will the Real Leaders Please Stand Up?

Turning National Self-Interest Into Global Collective Action

Embracing Planetary Boundaries: A Secret to Business Success


Essential Elements of Corporate ESG Programs

Directors & Boards: Amy Bann

How can corporate boards position management for long-term, sustainable success? (also see Planning for a New Reality: Agenda for the Prepared Board)


Welcome to the Subscription Economy

Axios: Erica Pandey

Are subscriptions undermining one of the fundamental features of contemporary capitalism, consumer choice?


Former Coal Towns Get Money for Clean Energy Projects

Route Fifty: Kery Murakami

How is green economic development helping coal communities, and vice versa?


Oiling the Chicken Machine

The New Atlantis: Garth Brown

“Is it possible to sustain the bounty yielded by our modernized food system but also temper its excesses, or even reform it into something better?”


Green to the Core? Top Business Schools Are Drilling Sustainability Into Their Core Curricula

Corporate Knights: Naomi Buck

How is management education reorienting to shape a new kind of leader?

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