~ November 4, 2021 ~
The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program: Oscar Jerome Stewart
How can approaching the world through creativity, curiosity and empathy better prepare students for a world in which responsible business practices are gaining increasing traction? College of Charleston’s Oscar Jerome Stewart discusses his award-winning course "Seminar in Business and Society."
What strategies should companies use to navigate the tricky terrain of conflicting stakeholder priorities?
World Economic Forum: Frans van Houten, Bill Thomas
These CEOs are calling on their peers to take a stand on climate. Will it work? (also see CEO Climate Alliance’s Message to World Leaders for COP26 and What Makes a Good Net Zero Carbon Emissions Pledge?)
Corporate Knights: Erica Cirino
“​​Is it brilliant, or brainless, that petrochemical and plastic corporations are choosing to go down with a sinking ship?” (also see ‘Nothing Else Here’: Why It’s So Hard for World to Quit Coal)
WIRED: Gregory Barber, Aarian Marshall
“​​If you can build an economic model that works as a carrot, then it makes sense for the whole industry to work toward this goal”: Can the green transition change how we think about value and waste?
Hakai Magazine: Christoph Droesser
On climate change, ocean noise, pollution and more, are we ready to hear what other species think?
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