October 13, 2022
Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative: Tim Mazur
Corporate espionage is unethical and potentially illegal, but this management team finds itself asking, “how can we not use available technology when we know our competitors do?” What decision would you make?
What role do free markets and economic cooperation play in peace? (also see Vladimir Putin’s ‘Gas Blackmail’ Is Failing)
The Hustle: Zachary Crockett
“How the cluck are these chickens profitable?” (also see How Will the Supreme Court Handle California’s Cage-Free Bacon Law?)
Maybe don’t do this: What possessed this company to adopt one of the worst sales promos in history?
Anthropocene: Sarah DeWeerdt
“Why do countries respond so differently to the same problem?” (also see How Limitless Green Energy Would Change the World)
What does it mean to educate managers who are also leaders? (also see Widening the Business School Talent Pool)
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