~ October 14, 2021 ~
Georgetown University: Nate Wong
This course helps students consider the interplay of business, power, society and social change, and to ask: How can we drive that change to address some of our biggest problems? (includes open source syllabus and teaching guides)
The Texas Tribune: Mitchell Ferman
How can companies balance competing federal and state regulations with employee, customer and business health? (also see When Vaccine Mandates Collide)
Evonomics: J.W. Mason
Can we better prepare students for real-world challenges by asking what's not in our courses? (also see Trailblazers of the Credibility Revolution in Economics Win a Nobel and Math Is Personal)
BBC News: Daniel Thomas
Business is global. What will change when taxes are too?
"Wanted: solar grazer." What new opportunities, and challenges, exist in the transition to sustainable power? (also see We Need to Change the Way We Talk about Climate Change)
Time: Katie Reilly
If "you want to be in business for 50 years, then we all have to think about this": How can management education lead the charge against business as usual?
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