October 20, 2022
Darden Ideas to Action: Aine Doris, Yo-Jud Cheng
“WeWork appeared to be destined for great things.” We all know what happened next. What are the key lessons students, founders, investors, leaders and boards should take from this unicorn’s disaster? (also see Why WeWork Went Wrong)
Chicago Booth Review: Anil K. Kashyap
What does banking really do, and what happens when it goes wrong?
Union of Concerned Scientists: Elliott Negin
“Are asset managers shirking their fiduciary duty to maximize returns by adopting ESG criteria, which generally favor renewables over fossil fuels? The short answer is no.” (also see What Are ESG and ‘Woke Capitalism’? State Treasurers Weigh In and How to Confront the Anti-ESG Campaign)
Insight: Zeynep Tufekci
Is it time to find better ways to “target the incentives for and the speed with which lies can be spread, amplified and monetized”?
CLS Blue Sky Blog: Tom C.W. Lin
How can leaders “meet and master old, yet urgent social challenges with new perspectives and approaches to both corporate and democratic governance”?
Poets&Quants: Jeff Schmitt
How has the pandemic changed student perspectives?
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