~ October 21, 2021 ~
FIXCapitalism: Andrew Spicer, David Graham Hyatt
The promise and the perils: What can other companies learn from Walmart’s fight to democratize sustainability? (also see Can Fortescue's Andrew Forrest, a Carbon-Emitting Iron Ore Tycoon, Save the Planet?)
The Week: Ryan Cooper
"The working class is restless. Can unions begin a new era in the fight for workers' rights?” (also see America’s Workers Are Fighting Back: Can They Win?)
What are the key leverage points for inspiring corporate action on climate?
“It’s now in our interest to reach 1.5°C”: Is it time for the insurance industry to start flexing its power? (also see The Oil Merchant in the Gray Flannel Suit and The Potential Impact of Climate Change on Any Address)
For debate: What is the role of growth in building a sustainable economy?
TechCrunch: Arvind Gupta
How can entrepreneurs "build companies that reshape our carbon economy for the greatest opportunity in history”? (also see The Future of Plastic Alternatives)
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