October 27, 2022
The Highlight by Vox: Samantha Oltman, Adam Clark Estes
“What if some of the solutions to our most urgent challenges, from climate change to public health crises, could be found by reimagining old concepts and outmoded technology?” This special collection asks those questions and more, because “the future is closer than we think.”
MIT Sloan Management Review: Andrew Winston, Elizabeth Doty, Thomas Lyon
CEOs wonder: “How do I align our spending with our company values? Which values do I prioritize? How do I promote policies to enable our net zero commitments while navigating the risk of lawmakers damaging our businesses with the stroke of a pen?”
FIXCapitalism: Iryna Tykhomyrova
From battlefields to the economic front, how can Ukraine win the war for the future? And “what role does business have in rebuilding Ukraine?” (also see Young Ukrainians Volunteer to Clean Up Destroyed Homes — and Try to Make It Fun)
Reasons to be Cheerful: Mark Oprea
The complex dynamics of change: Can wind and other renewables blow coal dust away? (part of a series on Red State Green Energy)
The Guardian: Nichola Raihani
“Cooperation has played a huge role in our success, but our enormous presence and impact on the planet now requires us to go beyond instinct and to cooperate in different, less natural ways.” Can we keep cooperation from becoming pathological?
“This is a class that invites people to think about themselves. You go to business school and you think about strategy and the digital economy but what about thinking about what you want to do with your life?” (also see Can Business Schools Prove — and Improve — Their Social Impact?)
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