~ October 28, 2021 ~
NPR: Bill Chappell
"Facebook's leaders have repeatedly and knowingly put the company's image and profitability ahead of the public good": This collection of documents and investigative reports details the problem. What’s the solution? (also see Eight Things We Learned From the Facebook Papers and All the Facebook Papers Stories)
"How can we make doing the right thing easier than doing the wrong thing?" (also see Climate Action and Tackling the Climate Crisis: Can Business Lead the Way?)
Patriotic Millionaires: Emily McCloskey
"Something big is happening in the US economy and workforce": How do workers see Striketober and the Great Resignation? (also see 'Nobody Cares I Have Nowhere to Live': Wildland Firefighters Struggle With Homelessness)
The Indicator from Planet Money: Stacey Vanek Smith, Darian Woods
On art reflecting life: How does debt affect our decision-making, and the economy? (transcript)
Corporate Board Member: Jeffrey Sonnenfeld
Bringing complexity back to the classroom and the boardroom: What do we lose when concepts are distilled into simplistic and incomplete maxims?
Vox: Jerusalem Demsas
Ghosts aside, how can subjective beliefs have very real costs? (also see How Much Halloween Candy Should You Buy?)
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