~ September 23, 2021 ~
Council on Business & Society
"We can continue to see finance as a danger to avoid, a dragon to slay – or else we can decide to consider it as a simple tool to use intelligently.” How can traditional fields like accounting and finance reflect broader societal concerns about sustainability, ethics, and accountability? This collection brings together work by business faculty, practitioners and students, with essays, takeaways and teaching questions. (download the PDF here)
"The world is changing. And the question is: what’s our role going to be in that?" How can workers and labor unions help center labor and economic equity in the climate change conversation? (also see We Tried to Transition to Green Jobs, but the Bosses Are Closing Our Car Factory Down)
The Atlantic: Ed Zitron
Does the remote world of work change what it means to manage well? (also see Offices Are Useful for Soft Work, Not Hard Work)
MIT Sloan Management Review: Andrew Winston, Paul Polman
"Business needs to stop working against policies that protect the common good and the future of their own industries": How can business leaders work to close the gaps between climate goals, climate policy, and concrete action? (also see Climate TRACE Releases First Comprehensive, Independent Database of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions)
The Washington Post: Philip Bump
How does the argument over seat-belt laws in the '80s speak to today's vaccine debate? (also see What Constitutes a “Sincerely Held” Religious Exemption to a Vaccine Mandate?)
BBC Future: Claudia Hammond
"In the cut-throat world of business, is there a place for kindness?"
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