September 29, 2022
Chicago Booth: Sara Bagagli, Guy Rolnik, Stefano Feltri
How does crony capitalism undermine both public safety and the economy? (for an introduction to this free case, see A New Stigler Center Case Study Explores the Link Between Italy’s Morandi Bridge Disaster and Crony Capitalism)
One CEO is acting on his belief that carbon capture and storage is “a natural extension of the oil and gas business.” Are such moves key to getting a jump on rival companies, or is this “the next generation of ESG tomfoolery”? (also see Paying CEOs to Cut Carbon Emissions Actually Works)
“Puerto Rico could be the big experiment for the whole nation in terms of having a diversified portfolio of energy, not just one experiment in terms of renewables”: What can current challenges teach about building better, more equitable infrastructure? (also see Ian Churns Toward a Vulnerable Coast and Insuring Extreme Weather Disasters)
The Atlantic: Scott Galloway
“Our nation once idolized astronauts and civil-rights leaders who inspired hope and empathy. Now it worships tech innovators who generate billions of dollars and move financial markets.” What will it take to chart a different course?
NPR: Camila Domonoske, Brittany Cronin
How will this public plan shape private investment?
Poets&Quants: Jeff Schmitt
“Wondering what surprises – good and bad – await you at business school?” (also see Favorite Professors of the MBA Class of 2022)
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