~ September 30, 2021 ~
The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program
Announcing the 2021 Ideas Worth Teaching Award Winners!

How can we use the current crises to reposition the fundamental relationship between business and society? What can business education do to prepare students for leadership roles in a changing world, one that requires business to consider and act on challenges that extend well beyond the walls of the firm?

This year's Ideas Worth Teaching Awards highlight eight innovative courses from around the world as they rise to the complexities of this moment.
Project Syndicate: Daron Acemoglu
How can we "adapt mainstream economics to new climate realities"?
Knowable Magazine: Alpha Lee, John Chodera, Frank von Delft
Does the Covid-19 crisis make the case for open-science drug discovery?
"If you have a vast resource and it's easy to take, then it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that this is limitless, that it's just stars in the sky": How can we do more to protect shared resources?
The Atlantic: Arthur C. Brooks
How does shifting from optimism to hope help move us from imagination to action? (also see The Chance You've Been Waiting For)
AACSB: Alejandro Moreno-Salamanca, Cindy Paola Pinzón Ríos
How do we prepare students to generate value by meeting real needs, working for the common good, and leading with purpose? (also see Never Assume: The Pursuit of "Technology for Good")
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