~ September 9, 2021 ~
80,000 Hours
"From adulthood, you’ll spend almost half your waking hours on your career”: Given the time invested, your career choices are often key to whether and how you make your mark on the world. What can you do to increase the positive impact of your work?
The National Law Review: Stephen W. Aronson, Natale V. Di Natale, Jean E. Tomasco, Kayla N. West
What factors should employers weigh when considering a vaccine mandate? Which path would you choose, and why? (also see The Surprisingly Strong Supreme Court Precedent Supporting Vaccine Mandates)
The New York Times: Terri Gerstein
Bad jobs hurt more than the people who have them. How do poor working conditions fuel wider problems that affect us all? (also see Minimum Wage Would Be $26 an Hour if It Had Grown in Line With Productivity)
NPR’s Planet Money: Sally Herships, Darian Woods
“There is no market pressure at work.” Why is this irreplaceable commodity so cheap, and why does it matter?
ProMarket: Alex Edmans
Two years after the BRT’s redefinition of corporate purpose, how much has changed, and what issues still remain?
The Wall Street Journal: Alina Dizik
How does blending liberal arts and business add value, for students and for institutions?
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