Ideas Worth Teaching
~ November 8, 2018  ~
-- Case Study --
How did this group of self-employed entrepreneurs harness the power of cooperative labor to rebuild their economic wellbeing?
-- 1 --
Korn Ferry: Cynthia Stuckey, Jean-Marc Laouchez, Alan Guarino

With low unemployment and increased demand for new skills, what would it mean to stop hoping for a technological fix and start rethinking the talent pipeline?
-- 2 --
The Verge: Bruce Murphy

Where should society draw the line between supporting corporate investment and selling the farm?
-- 3 --
Harvard Business Review: Gianpiero Petriglieri

Does business strive to build better machines or better humans? And how can the study of humanities help do both?
-- 4 --
Yale Insights: James N. Baron

This company turned an academic model into a organizational reality. What does it take to make non-hierarchical structure work?
-- 5 --
How can MBA programs teach students to navigate the "messy, emotional, dynamic world of business"?
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