Ideas Worth Teaching
~ July 19, 2018  ~
-- Case Study --
Ryerson University: Gail Cook Johnson

As this leader works to incorporate more social realism into a product better known for escapism, how should he address negative reactions from customers, and his own team?
-- 1 --
PitchBook: Anthony Mirhaydari

Is it time to put "VC unicorns" out to pasture?
-- 2 --
The CPA Journal: Jeffrey Hales

As sustainability and shared value become increasingly important business goals, how will more traditional corporate roles change in response?
-- 3 --
Nautilus: Yogi Hendlin

How can new business models based on innovative reuse succeed in the face of more traditional companies' investment in planned obsolescence?
Fast Company: Martin Kirk

Given a world of finite resources, how could a functional post-growth economy succeed?
-- 5 --
Evonomics: Per L. Saxegaard, David Sloan Wilson

"Work can be so much more than money." How can business focus on bringing the "making money" curve and the "making a difference" curve closer together?
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