~ October 27, 2016 Issue ~
Helping business faculty explore the relationships between corporations, capital markets, and the public good.
Case Study_
AIM - Asian Institute of Management: Andrea Santiago, Fernando Y. Roxas

How juggling innovation, stakeholders, and supply chain challenges led to consumer harm; where should airbag manufacturer Takata have
drawn the line?

The Week (2 Articles): Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, Jeff Spross

Room for Debate: Where do you come down on the
AT&T/Time Warner merger?
LinkedIn: Judith Samuelson

How can bankers like new Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan use incentives to change toxic corporate cultures?
The New York Review of Books: Jacob Weisberg

Is the problem with the "attention economy" not that it commodifies our time, but that it pays so little for it? (also see related article on personally identifiable data tracking)
The Atlantic: Michael B. Dorff

Was Henry Ford right when he said, "A business that earns nothing but money is a poor business"?
LinkedIn: Bill Gate

Innovation is fuel for human progress, economic and otherwise. So shouldn't we fund more of it?
The environmental impact of fossil fuels was forecast more than a century ago; why thoughtful leaders should consider taking management advice from a dead socialist; when problems arise, Swiss sportswear company Skins walks the talk; the CEOs of TIAA, Duke Energy, and Blue Apron on what a company leading with purpose looks like; and why AI may be the future of crime. Also, the oikos Case Writing Competition rides again, deadline is December 1st!
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