Ideas Worth Teaching
October 19, 2017  ~
-- Case Study --
New York University: Tensie Whelan, Bruno Zappa, Nemanja Babic

Can businesses justify sustainable practices in a world of short-term pressures? This analysis of the Brazilian beef industry shows how. (see related article at HBR)
-- 1 --
ProMarket: Oliver Hart, Luigi Zingales

What if companies maximized shareholder welfare, not value?
-- 2 --
The Global Citizen In International Business Education: Long S. Le

Real-world challenges will require future leaders to solve ill-structured problems. Is it time to redesign the learning environment accordingly?
-- 3 --
Hollywood is the tip of the iceberg: what's the state of sexual harassment in the workplace, and how can companies tackle the problem?
Corporate Knights: Giselle Weybrecht

How can business schools teach students to be creative, effective, sustainable, and collaborative leaders?
-- 5 --
Technology excels at finding answers, but are we asking the right questions?
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