~ September 26, 2019  ~
-- Case Study --
Arthur W. Page Society: Brittany Aaron, Antoinette Iacullo, Hank Mendheim, Elise Zhang

"The executives at Disney and ABC were about to wake up to a public relations nightmare..." How should a company react when social media or other crises threaten their values and the bottom line? This case explores the corporate response to "Roseanne."
-- 1 --
Protests are rising despite strong corporate profits and a soaring stock market. What lessons should business leaders take from the GM walkout?
-- 2 --
MIT Faculty Newsletter: Susan S. Silbey

"We can no longer engage in business as usual": How should universities respond to the social and technological problems of climate change?
-- 3 --
The New York Review of Books: Willa Glickman

"Even when the money is good, it rarely comes easy." Food delivery isn't new, but how have apps changed what it means for workers?
-- 4 --
BizEd Magazine: Tricia Bisoux

Experiential learning in the business classroom: What do students need to develop creative approaches to challenging problems, in both business and society?
-- 5 --
USA Today: Dalvin Brown

Fact-checking social media: Should "newsworthiness" outweigh the facts?
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