~ December 15, 2016  ~
Helping business faculty explore the relationships between corporations, capital markets, and the public good.
Case Study_
Richard Ivey School of Business: Anamika Sinha

Making change from the inside out: what to do when data and ideas aren't enough?
The Huffington Post: Emily Peck

Is bringing the personal into the workplace the right thing for individuals and for business? The CEO of PricewaterhouseCoopers decided to find out.
The Conversation: Andrew J. Hoffman

The markets now control our natural systems: what happens next?
Wanted: big solutions for big problems. How can dialogue, innovation and infrastructure help build new economies in hard-hit regions?
Rice Business Wisdom: Duane Windsor

Is there a sweet spot between corporate sinners and saints? How companies can cultivate moral champions, and why they should.
LinkedIn: Bill Gates

How can business contribute to a new innovation landscape that supports a "fair, safe, and sustainable" energy future?

In a year of challenges, journalists sought out solutions to some of our most pressing problems; is a universal basic income the answer to an automated future?; a one-percenter is recruiting billionaires to fight inequality; for China climate change is no hoax - it's a business and political opportunity, and how can U.S. and other companies keep from missing out?; who grows up to make less than their parents, and what will it take to reverse the trend?; is Portland's new CEO surtax a sign of things to come?; and can technology give some environmental nightmares a fairytale ending?

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Ideas Worth Teaching  is a tightly curated, weekly email for business school faculty to prompt new conversations in the classroom about the relationships between corporations, capital markets, and the public good. Its intent is to provide "drag and drop" functionality - allowing faculty to easily use the articles, cases and other teaching materials that we will be sharing in their class discussions.


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