~ May 16, 2019  ~
-- Case Study --
LearningEdge at MIT Sloan: Donald Sull, Cate Reavis

Electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity and ownership alternatives are all rewriting the auto-industry rulebook. Can innovation-heavy strategies like Tesla's help companies succeed despite risky and changing conditions?
-- 1 --
Forbes: Liz Elting

The factors that keep women out of business have negative effects on society as a whole. How can MBA programs help?
-- 2 --
The Conversation: CĂ©line Louche, Timo Busch

Financial markets are both party to and affected by climate change. How will they have to innovate to make the most of a low carbon economy?
-- 3 --
What lessons can be learned from Walmart's post-Katrina push to integrate carbon reduction into its DNA, both for itself and its suppliers?
-- 4 --
The Guardian: Steven Pearlstein, Heidi Shierholz, James P. Ziliak, Lane Kenworthy, Oren Cass, Robert Doar, Isabel Sawhill, Abigail Wozniak, Nell Abernathy, Darrick Hamilton, Julie Margetta Morgan

Capitalism is a dynamic, evolving system. How would you apply these experts' prescriptions for improvement?
-- 5 --
Seth's Blog: Seth Godin

Not everything can be shared, but how could businesses benefit by rejecting the tyranny of scarcity?
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