~ October 20, 2016 Issue ~
Helping business faculty explore the relationships between corporations, capital markets, and the public good.
Case Study_
Richard Ivey School of Business: Margaret McKee, Ethan Pancer, Chantal Hervieux

How can a small business balance growth with its social mission?
The Christian Science Monitor: Amanda Paulson

What's behind the divisions in America over climate change, and how can we find common ground for action?
HBS Working Knowledge: Carmen Nobel, Eugene Soltes

Can understanding criminal motives keep others (such as future business leaders) from repeating their mistakes? (Interview and excerpt; also see related book.)
Vox: Sean Illing, Andy Stern

Is work as we know it doomed? If so, what comes next?
Business Horizons: John E. Katsos, Timothy L. Fort

How can business leaders promote peace in unstable environments?
The New York Times: Hiroko Tabuchi, Danny Hakim

When it comes to supporting action on climate change, does it matter why businesses get on board?
Médecins Sans Frontières rejects a Pfizer donation, arguing that there is no such thing as "free" vaccines; one man's mission to save Florida's waterways; Patagonia's childcare "experiment" targets parental work/life balance; tech industry leaders respond to President Obama's to-do list; and the sordid anatomy of an IRS scam.
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