~ November 17, 2016 Issue ~
Helping business faculty explore the relationships between corporations, capital markets, and the public good.
Case Study_
Darden School of Business (also available from  Harvard): 
George (Yiorgos) Allayannis, Jeffrey Allen

As the country's economic policies come under review, a look at one company's risk assessment of shadow banking.
PBS Newshour: Paul Solman

Will Trump's economic proposals be a holding action or launching pad for working-class America?
The American Prospect: Peter Dreier

The biggest winners tend to be talented, hard-working, and born on third base. Here's why they should share.
Wired: Davey Alba

Faced with new policy ideas on offshore production, trade, immigration, and R&D, how should America's most innovative companies respond?
It's not just factory workers: How should business schools prepare students as automation climbs the ranks of business?
The Conversation: Joe Arvai

Will the private sector lead on the environment because consumers and workers want it, and "money flows where sustainability grows"?
New teaching innovation: pop-up courses focus on world events as they happen; how Trump will test the theory of when leaders actually matter; CEOs weigh in on what Trump could mean for companies, employees and the economy; Google, Facebook and Twitter are taking steps to curb fake news and harassment; some tough post-election questions for business leaders; if " no politician can bring back jobs" is it time for some version of Milton Friedman's negative income tax?; navigating traumatic events online; and how can a divided America heal?
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