~ December 8, 2016 ~
Helping business faculty explore the relationships between corporations, capital markets, and the public good.
Case Study_
Kellogg School of Management: James Shein, Jason P. Hawbecker

Understanding conflicts of interest and fiduciary duty when family and public stakeholders mix, and the potential pitfalls of "creative" financing schemes.
JSTOR: Ellen C. Caldwell

Trump and beyond: how can crowd-sourced material bring current events into classrooms for timely, collaborative education?
The New York Review of Books: David Kaiser, Lee Wasserman

A deep dive into Exxon's push to undermine certainty around climate change (related: The Case for Divestment: Rockefellers' Fortune? and Exxon Mobil Accuses the Rockefellers of a Climate Conspiracy).
London Business School: Ioannis Ioannou

Where the rubber hits the road: how do companies like Unilever, Starbucks, and Intel turn corporate purpose into action, and are their strategies scalable?
National Geographic: Louise L. Schiavone

What happens when a company realizes that business viability is tied to environmental sustainability?
The New York Times: Andrew Ross Sorkin

From employment to incentives to corporate governance: what should a 21st-century business landscape look like?

The Army Corps just blocked the Dakota Access Pipeline but the companies behind it may not think they've lost; is this the most dangerous time for our planet... and humanity?; why fake news is everyone's problem, and how to tell the difference; a letter to the editor stirs debate over constructive responses to U.S. employment challenges; how Trump's immigration plan threatens America's food and wine industries; from a divorce to the Panama Papers, shining harsh light on the shadowy offshore financial system; a Pennsylvania food company that doesn't discriminate against ex-offenders-it seeks them out; best in class, at least in America: Ikea Is Giving Its Employees Up To Four Months Of Paid Parental Leave; revitalizing Ukraine's economy with berries: are they organic? yes; radioactive? sometimes also yes; and Dr. Watson, I presume? Meet cybersecurity's newest detective.


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